A gathering of aspirational people with an appreciation for quality of life.

The No18 community is a business network like no other. Here, creative minds mix with up-and-coming entrepreneurs, financiers and connectors – sparking intriguing projects and fruitful collaborations.

“The prestigious location combined with true “wow” factor made No18 a perfect choice for us. The internal community is also a fantastic source of wealth, and we surprisingly often find business in places where people gather – such as the members’ kitchen.”
Pontus Christoffersen
Rhetoric consultant
Snacka Snyggt AB
"The benefit of having access to our own office as well as amazing lounge areas and conference rooms perfectly serves our ever-changing day-to-day work and makes No18 a great place to grow.”
Anna Karlsson
Cofounder & Director
Manifest Stockholm
"In the world of finance, there is simply nothing like No18. Being able to meet and work in this fascinating environment is an absolute pleasure for ourselves as well as our clients who always look forward to visiting us.”
Anders Nilsson
Investor relations manager
Origo Capital
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